On the shoulders of giants

As a Salesforce partner, we have been convinced for years by the inherent strength and efficiency that Salesforce offers.

No other platform currently offers the same technological and functional innovation in such an accessible way. We are happy to help you discover how the platform can also make your business and users work faster and be ahead of the competition.


Salesforce is an entire ecosystem of technologies and functionalities that are offered on one accessible platform.

The distinctive strength of this cloud platform consists in that, in addition to the standard functionality, it allows far-reaching adjustments and expansions to the underlying operation in order to support your business processes in a highly specialized and targeted manner.

Enshift helps you digitize your business operations very cost-efficiently and prepare it for the future. To this end, we make optimal use of the existing functionality within Salesforce, and are experts in extending and adapting the processes that are specific to your company in a maintainable and affordable way.


Salesforce allows your sales team to sell faster and more efficiently by offering extensive automation and follow-up of their leads and opportunities. Your support staff is in direct contact with the sales department and has all the necessary information available to resolve issues quickly and effectively.


Get business leads by setting up automated pull campaigns in Pardot. Easily and quickly set up intelligent customer journeys to convert consumers into customers and learn from their behavior in Marketing Cloud. Get a full 360 view of your customers and prospects.


Easily build online communities to connect with partners and customers and give them the opportunity to create mutual value around your brand. Sell ​​your products directly from Salesforce. Fully integrate these experiences and your own website.

Machine learning

Use the built-in AI engine Einstein to define models based on your data to get customized and intelligent recommendations on just about every aspect of your organization. What steps can you best take to convince a customer? What is the probability that a product sold will require service? Let your business anticipate based on known data.

Data insight

Data is probably, possibly without even realizing it, your most important underused weapon in today's competitive landscape. Salesforce allows you to import, model and aggregate this data to reach meaningful analytical conclusions about your operations. We help you find the gold nuggets in your river of data.

Big data

Store gigantic amounts of data, whether or not from connected devices, and get started to connect the data, enrich it and manage your business processes. See directly in your control panel when a customer has a defective product, and let him schedule an appointment with a technician fully automatically.

How we prepare you for a future on Salesforce

What we can do for you to focus your future.


Disruptive technologies are rapidly spreading. When you stand still for too long in a market that is in full swing of digital transformation, you run the risk of never catching up again. As a recognized Salesforce partner, we help you make the right strategic choices and set priorities in your optimization process.



We have extensive experience in developing custom written code to automate and link your business processes. This is done in an efficient, reusable and modular way that allows you to use these building blocks yourself and adapt them to changing needs.

Usability is of course also very important, especially for the adoption and time saving of your end users. There you can count on our experience in developing custom Lightning Web Components that allow you to fully adapt the Salesforce user experience to your specific processes.

  • Apex
  • Lightning web components
  • Agile


Salesforce is a very potent and scalable system, but you certainly still have mission critical applications running on other platforms. We help you to communicate these systems reliably and securely by setting up integration processes.

  • ERP
  • Dynamics 365
  • SAP


Unfortunately, not every Salesforce implementation is set up according to the rules of the art. Based on our many years of experience, we can perform a health check on your Salesforce infrastructure and make recommendations for remediation, whether or not in phases.

  • Sanity check
  • Compliancy
  • License optimization