How we helped nexxworks onboard new customers more easily

How we helped nexxworks onboard new customers more easily

Hans De Smet
Written by
Hans De Smet
Published on
December 11, 2021

Nexxworks helps companies by offering them a glimpse of what their Day After Tomorrow can bring. They do this by inspiring - through speakers - and by connecting with other companies. On a daily basis this means that they build programs, physically & digitally. Watch an introductory video here.

With their three missions (CX, OX and NXT), nexxworks wants to offer thought leaders a platform to gain and exchange inspiration and knowledge within three different domains, to network and to grow as an organization.

Customer Experience

Few companies care as much about the customer experience as nexxworks. And yet they too collided with the reality that the digital SaaS landscape currently is. Lots of interest, cost-efficient platforms to solve a wide variety of problems, but no mutual communication of synergy. Not an all-encompassing system that half-addresses all problems, but also no integration between different components that offer a very concrete answer to a business requirement.

Nexxworks chose Chargebee to let users easily and quickly order and pay for a membership. For their networks and knowledge community, they find Hivebrite, which is very specifically aimed at these types of business communities. Where the customer experience fell short was in the integration between the two, which was non-existent.

A prospect convinced to take part in one of more missions was able to fully grab their credit card and order their membership with minimal UI interactions. The next problem: the payment arrives in the mailbox of a nexxworks employee, who then manually creates a user in Hivebrite and creates an invitation to the platform to the customer.

Connecting the dots

In the best case, a matter of half an hour with a well-guarded mailbox, but much more often the customer only receives access to the platform after a few hours of days. In a world where customers want immediate results, this is of course not possible. Nexxworks engaged Enshift to provide a custom connection between the two platforms.

Nexxworks previously used Zapier, a well-known integration service, to tease several into independent systems. Chargebee doesn't have a connector, but Hivebrite doesn't. Shift in record time to a fully customized connector.

That way, nexxworks has the freedom to configure and customize the details in Zapier, such as which properties to map or to filter or transform certain subscription events. At the same time, the heavy lifting takes place in our custom connector, where a user is created, a subscription is generated, clusters are added, etc. The simple UI of Zapier enabled nexxworks with the flexibility they need, all while the connector is highly reliable and stable.

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