We like to make a difference

As a relatively small but experienced player, we have very different emphases from some of our larger competitors. A good dash of ambition is not strange to us.

We are not exactly satisfied. In an unguarded moment of indiscretion, we sometimes pat ourselves on the chest that we would like to go that little bit further than our competition.

And that little bit more for your project is what we strive for every day. More quality, more return, more satisfaction. But how do we do that in concrete terms?


Results-driven & transparent

We like to actively and decisively think along with your problem definition and are transparent and straightforward in our communication and advice. We don't go for the easiest or fastest option, but for the one that gives you the most value in the longer term.


Experienced & nearby

In addition to the necessary certificates, our consultants have each also built up the necessary project experience in the development and roll-out of Salesforce projects, both greenfield and brownfield. We also prefer to keep the line as short as possible and are of course demanding about the quality delivered. That is why we only work with internal people, no development is outsourced to reduce costs.

Modular & maintainable

Components and processes that we develop always try to be modular and reusable, so that global changes have less impact on the implementation because the building blocks can easily be mutually adapted. We always try to avoid a lock-in by developing universal and maintainable products.


Full service & inhouse

We pride ourselves on being able to cut a lot of follow-up and project management costs for your project, precisely because we can take care of your business processes and strategy as well as your communication and online presence. The synergy that takes place by working on both pillars with a coherent plan is added for free.

Our project approach


We take you from rough concept to implementation

Clarity and transparency are very important to us in a collaboration. Every project is different and requires custom emphasis, but in general a digital transformation sequence looks like this.


In an initial exploration phase, we will look for the potential transformation drivers and disruptive elements in your current business together with a predetermined team of key figures. This is done in a brainstorm with an open framework, in which we like to dare to think out of the box and provide our experience and know-how to inspire you in this. We identify which strategies have the greatest impact in terms of yield and efficiency and derive the functional requirements of your project from this.


After a thorough functional and technical analysis, a high-level strategy outline and backlog are drawn up, in which, in the form of user stories, it is clearly described which functionality can be delivered. This will be the guideline for the implementation phase.



After the initial analysis phase, our team gets to work by analyzing and implementing stories from the backlog in more depth in short iterations. The intention is to deliver concrete business value after each iteration in the form of functionality that can be effectively put to use. This is a process that is repeated for each iteration, and is important because software development is a complex process in which dependencies and advancing insight require a flexible approach, based on extensive knowledge and experience.


The ultimate goal is to always deliver concrete value for you as a customer. By working in short iterations, it is avoided that a team has to work on a solution for six months, only to come to the conclusion upon delivery that the requirements or context have changed to such an extent that what was agreed upon was delivered, but of little or no value anymore remains. These so-called sprints ensure that effective and immediate verified value is delivered, that the right priorities are maintained, and that there is room to accommodate a changing context.

The iterations also create growing confidence with each successful delivery, which is why we think it is important that for the first iteration a selection is made of functionality that can initially deliver sufficient business value, and for this iteration a no cure no pay policy is applied.


After extensive testing and verification of the key users, key users are trained to use the set up platform in its entirety. For this you can of course make use of our consultants, who can bring the often complex matter tangibly.